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We aimed to extend the understanding of determinants of road rage to driving exposure and vehicle factors, based on a — population survey of 1, regular drivers in Ontario, Canada. Regression analyses revealed that number of times drivers reported experiencing road rage in the previous 12 months was significantly greater for males, younger respondents, and those residing in Toronto.

Also, victimization was significantly greater for drivers who did all their driving on busy roads and increased with number of kilometers driven on a typical week; however, type of vehicle driven was not significant.

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Number of times road rage perpetration was reported in the past 12 months was significantly greater for males, younger respondents, and those residing in Toronto, and lower for those in the Eastern and Northern region. Road rage perpetration increased significantly with number of weekly kilometers driven and was significantly greater for drivers who are always on busy roads and lower for those who never drive on busy roads, and higher for high-performance vehicle drivers.

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Even after controlling for driving exposure, road rage victimization and perpetration were highest for drivers in Toronto, where the pace of life may be more demanding. As expected, high-performance vehicle drivers reported more road rage perpetration.


These individuals may experience more frustration when they are prevented from using the full performance capacities of their vehicles by crowded urban roadways. Project BBBB.

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Pages It concludes that the questionnaire survey method is applicable to the studies on impacts of different variables including demographic parameters of drivers. Driving simulating method mainly focuses on the driving behavior in specific driving scenarios.

Case analysis method can provide researchers with a better understanding of the certain pattern of road rage. Field experiment method concentrates on target factors by designing suitable field experiments. It is revealed that different research methods have their own applicable conditions and proprieties.

Consequently, a suitable research method according to the research objective and the research capability is proposed for the road rage studies. CICTP Previous paper. Next paper. Downloaded 10 times. Journal of Transportation Engineering May Active Warning Systems: Synthesis.

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