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However, despite her privileged upbringing, Kahlo was a vocal leftist, joining the socialist party when she was 16, and the Mexican Communist Party in her early twenties. For years she even claimed she born in , the year the Mexican Revolution started, and was, as such a "daughter of the Revolution.

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As a young adult, Kahlo surrounding herself with the freethinkers, socialists and intellectuals of Mexico City, with whom a growing appreciation precolonial Mexican heritage was on the rise. Among them was the famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera , who would become her husband in A fellow communist and supporter of the revolution, Rivera often created political murals that attacked the ruling class and capitalism, elevating Mexico's native heritage and anti-colonial efforts instead.

So when he suggested Kahlo begin wearing traditional clothing as a show of Mexican pride, she embraced the idea wholeheartedly. The matriarchal society of the Tehuanas held a particular appeal for Kahlo, who was building her own image as an outsider: independent, but faithful to tradition, while at the same time embracing a modern, liberated lifestyle," Henestrosa said.

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To Kahlo, her dress was just another way to perform the beliefs she espoused through her political affiliations. She would mix her contemporary dresses with Huipil blouses with Mayan roots, where each pattern told the story of the wearer, for example, and showcase her mixed heritage by combining colonial silver earrings with indigenous necklaces of jadeite and onyx.

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Women wearing native dresses in Tehuantepec, Mexico in She also regularly wore rebozo scarves, either wrapping them around her shoulders or threading them through her braids. First introduced by the Spanish colonizers during Christopher Columbus' time -- only to be reworked by the Aztec villages with their traditional embroidery and eye-popping dyes, the rebozo was also worn by the women of the Mexican Revolution during the s, when they were popular among the "adelitas," female revolutionaries, who used the scarves to smuggle guns past government checkpoints, helping to oust a year dictatorship.

The accessory soon became a symbol of Mexico's fight for freedom, and by wearing the scarf, Kahlo was honoring both pre-colonial and post-revolution women alike. A group of rebel women and girls wearing traditional dress practice their shooting skills for the Mexican Revolution in The world has no choice but to take notice: As her fame grew, her image reached all corners of the world, from society dinners with the Rockefellers and gala openings in Paris to newspapers in the Midwest.

And every time she was photographed or her name made the front page, she brought the rich history of Mexico with her. The fashion community in particular was rapt.


Rivera's Dress" on the painter's iconic Tehuana costume featuring intricate red floral beading down the shirtfront, bringing Mexico's traditions to fashion's most exclusive circles. Subcultures are not given enough time to grow naturally meaning that the newly discovered sub-genre is suddenly all over Facebook, Twitter and blasting out in a club by the following Saturday. Subcultures do live in some forms whether that's that people have grown up still immersed in that subculture and are more than happy to keep pushing to keep it alive or the bands that still carry some of the ethos and core values of the subcultures that we have seen in the past.

But subcultures don't just require the style and the music they need the driving force behind them which is the people and the people need a reason to fight back. But we now live in an era where information and events that are incredibly horrific spread through our mobiles, laptops, and Ipads with incredible pace, everything now seems to happen too quickly we can have tragic world events and a week later nobody cares this generation of quickly processed information has no apathy for the events surrounding them, we are all guilty of things like this, seeing a person who has to sleep on the streets should be heartbreaking and we should naturally want to help people but we are all willing to ignore it and just keep walking, we show no concern for those around and always assume that they have done it to themselves through horrible means even though that's usually not the reality.

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The skinheads had the working-class pride they represented a rejection of the British class system. The punks stood in opposition to everything that polite society deemed right and proper. By taking an active and public stance against prevailing social values subcultures offer an alternative and encourage others to do the same. I have created a questionnaire based around subcultures and the way that they worked moving through to how people feel about the new digital age that we live in and if it creates room for subcultures to or whether it denies the existence of them.

I set the questionnaire upon survey monkey and posted it into groups on Facebook relating to subcultures such as punks and mods as well as posting it on my own twitter to see what a younger generation thought of them and also if they felt like they belonged to one. One of my favourite answers that came from my questionnaire actually came from my dad and it was in response to the question 9. Do you believe particular subcultures still belong to a specific political party?


The overall sense that I get from my questionnaire is that Both older and younger generations believe that subcultures have died although appreciate that their influence can be seen through music today with bands like the Kaiser Chiefs who help carry the remaining dregs of values and style of the punks before them. With my Brand, I want to create a set of statement t-shirts that take influence from punk but I want them to also help aid society in some form but also show whats wrong with it.

Each of these statements is meant to reflect on society its self meaning we need to fight back against what we all know truly is wrong, open our eyes to the horrors that are surrounding us every day that we will look over and stop pointing fingers at what others have done and look at our selves first and how e can improve to make the first step in creating a better overall society, each of the shirts with being an illustration to represent what the statement means. My second round of t-shirts are able to be personalized by the consumer with prints that are similar to the hello my name is stickers but instead, read hello I'm fighting for or hello I'm rebelling against.

In my own opinion, the sense of being able to form a subculture has been gradually fading away alongside the unions. Governments do what they want they couldn't care less about the country but we allow it to happen. I believe that we could see the rise of subcultures but only if we are able to come together as a real, united group and stand up for what we know is right. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Sorry, copying is not allowed on our website.

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